About us

Our company

We are a young, innovative company in the field of information technology and
specialized on data integration and digitalization.

Our roots lie in logistics.
Our office is located centrally in Bremen in the district “Viertel”.


Our principles

Our skills are based on professional competence and practical experience with different projects.
The technologies we use enable our customers to be informed about the development stage and to be able to effectively intervene in the implementation process of their own projects.
We use the Kanban model as a standard, which is a model for software development.
We also know models like Scrum & Sprint.
In this way, we guarantee an individual and ideal result within a reasonable timeframe.
We also use a ticket system to ensure the best possible support.

CargoBytes is more than just a job for us. That is why we develop not only software, but also our knowledge. We always try to stay up-to-date with innovations in the IT market. It is important to us to recognize trends as early as possible and use them for the benefit of our customers.

Regular communication is of paramount importance to us. We constantly have new ideas to perfect our services. We communicate openly and regularly with our customers so that we can meet all expectations.