Application Examples (standardized formats)

Transmit & import any format via Alphaplan ETL Interface (any business using Alphaplan ERP)

Import data to Alphaplan ERP with DocThor CloudConnect

DocThor CloudConnect can import data directly into Alphaplan ERP without any further handling in Alphaplan.
Lookups e.g. if values already exist are also possisible.

Almost all data you used to type into Alphaplan can be automized with Docthor CloudConnect.

The Alphaplan ETL interface is used to transmit the data.
DocThor CloudConnect can transmit data to every table available in the ETL interface
and execute the import by itself.

Please find example Videos here:
Workflow Webapplication
Workflow Outlook
Full automation – Document import and handling

Supported formats:

  • Microsoft Excel (xlsx | xls | xlsm)
  • Microsoft Word (docx | doc)
  • Emailbody-Text
  • Rich-Text-Format (rtf)
  • Comma separated Files (csv)
  • Extensible Markup Language (xml)
  • JavaScript Object Notation (json)
  • EDI
  • Adobe PDF (pdf)
  • HTML (htm | html)
  • Image Files (jpg | jpeg | tif | tiff | png | bmp)

Other formats on request.

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